Online Fraud – Connor Paddon and Gerald Barja

Posted: July 18, 2017 by John Andress in Canada Scambusters
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The Background

It started back in 2014. I successfully won an auction for $11,000 on Flippa :
Essentially, I was buying a full SEO business – a site which ranked highly for various keywords like “seo los angeles” “affordable seo in los angeles”, etc. So the site would generate its own leads, and I could then offer my SEO services to those leads coming through the site.
I did all my due diligence, the domain and website was transferred. You’ll note it was some time ago, nevertheless, it was not so straightforward. An extremely crucial part (which is said in this listing)
“Maintaining rankings.
I will personally work on the SEO campaign for the first 6 months after the sale for free to ensure that the website doesn’t drop at all in rankings, I will also show you what I do to maintain these positions.
This website has been built to last all major updates and has proved to do so, so far – through 3 very major update (Penguin 5.0) and Hummingbird, as well as many small Panda & penguin updates. This website is going nowhere”

Connor did not do this, and despite me making long standing attempts, and even offering to help with maintaining its ranking, the site DID in fact drop (extremely quickly), and not once did it generate a customer (the whole point was the SEO rankings were such that it was getting enquiries through the site almost on autopilot).
The fact that it dropped so quickly? (read my findings later)
Since he explicitly said that he would quote “ensure that the website doesn’t drop at all in rankings” and I have given him ample time to increase its ranking, he hasn’t upheld his end of the deal.
Its now 2017 which is ample opportunity to solve this, but he is now refusing to resolve it by paying back the money. Hence why my partner has a report with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (here’s the reference number as proof)
REF: 2016 – 22851

After some investigation and reaching out to other victims, the following picture has emerged.

New Findings:

The whole picture of what Connor Paddon is doing, is perhaps bigger than I initially thought.
The rankings dropped so abruptly when I bought – that he must have been using his own private blog network (PBN) to rank it and all he did was remove the links, and it caused the site’s Google rankings to drop extremely fast. And after talking to the victim who bought –
the same also happened to them. Their rankings dropped almost immediately (just like in my experience) after money was handed over to Connor and they lost over $30,000.
And (I’m currently in the process of contacting the victims) of these other sites which he also went on to try to sell.
VancouverJump – (they attempted to sell this just last year)
PhiliBoost – – this site is now defunct so I’m assuming this seller (who I’m trying to get hold of) was also scammed…
With the VancouverJump listing, this is the first mention of his main accomplice “Gerry Barja” who he claims he learned SEO from.
Gerry is listed as the owner of that domain, so they have not yet sold that site – but are probably planning to at some point.
This could just be the tip of the iceberg, as they seem to just keep moving through different cities, hitting the top spots for the respective terms (perhaps picking up dozens of clients along the way), before selling it on and scamming the buyer.
Terry also mentioned that they had complaints after they bought from SEO clients who were scammed by Connor and Gerry. I.e. they promised SEO services under the Torontoranking name, but sold it off and didn’t fulfil the contract.
Not to mention, that Connor also signed a non-competition contract, stating that he would not compete with Terry in the same area after selling him TR – but as we know, he went on to open and so broke the terms of that contract.

The Offenders

Connor Paddon of Burlington, Ontario

His first associate/partner is Taylor Scrimshaw also of Burlington, Canada

His main accomplice is:
Gerry Barja of MISSISSAUGA, Ontario

And is currently operating a Financial app called ICOAlert … t&hl=en_GB

And both Gerry and Connor appear to still own the following SEO companies.




And Connor owns which is some sort of appointment scheduling software.

These guys need to be stopped, as these are huge sums of moneys involved, and they must be racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fraud by now – with absolutely no action by law enforcement. Its only a matter of time before they sell another site and defraud someone else.

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