Scam Employment Jobs targeting Canadians

Posted: May 26, 2018 by Martinique in Canada Scambusters
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The following email is an example of a scam:

My name is Kristian Kerner and I am Development Manager of FAVO Investment GmbH.
I am responsible for recruitment for our new offices in Canada and the US.

Having looked over your resume and application form I am pleased to offer
you a training period in our company with an opportunity to become “Alternative Investment’s Support”.

Training period consists of two phases. The first phase of the training period is
confined to 5 days of duration and is located outside of office. It is conducted in lieu of initial interview.
The second phase of the training period is the probationary period inside of office and lasts for 60 days.
During the first stage of the training period you will be required to fulfill several
tasks, which reflect the main duties of Alternative Investment’s Support, namely the
bitcoin investments processing. On completion your performance will be assessed and you will be invited to an interview in our new office.
After the interview is finalized, probation (60 days) begins.
Your performance during both phases will be compensated, please find information in the document attached.

The first stage of the training period is an ideal way for us to check how responsible you
are and if you have the skills we desire. Simultaneously, this allows you an opportunity to get
acquainted with some of the duties of Alternative Investment’s Support.

The position is competitive, so the sooner you begin the first stage
of the training period, the more chances you have to be selected for the position.
I would recommend you to begin the training period this week.

You will find full information regarding the first phase of the training period
in the Training Agreement attached.

If you decide to accept this offer, please complete the following:

1. Print, date and sign Training Agreement document.
Afterwards, please, scan and send it to me by email or by fax.

2. Scan and email or fax a copy of your document so we can process and verify your identity.
It can be one of the following documents: driving license, passport or health card.
You can hide the document numbers.

Should you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail.
I am currently in New York working on the development of the company’s new office.
I will be flying to Canada on February 22 and I look forward to meeting you after the first
stage of the training period.

Best regards.

Kristian Kerner
Development Manager
FAVO Investment GmbH
Fax: +1 (877) 471-0303

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